Inner Potential


In physics, you have learned about two energies, one is kinetic energy and one is potential energy. Potential energy mean store and kinetic energy means I don’t know what it is exactly because I am failure in physic this why I choose computer field. But today I am going to tell you about third kind of energy that is Inner Potential energy.Inner potential

I think you have got the meaning of inner potential energy. Energy stored in your stomach and come out in methane form is not an Inner Potential Energy. Basically I.P.E is a hidden energy, and only you can find it. Sometime people find I.P.E and still they don’t know about it . Read the rest of this entry


Take a Break


take_a_breakThere is a concept of life which is recently made up by me and I don’t know it is correct or not but still I am going to share it. In our life there are two timelines, well facebook have one but life have two, and both timeline have a job, one timeline have to give a job two another timeline and other timeline job is to get the job done somehow or anyhow. And the rule for this concept is this that we can’t control the 1st timeline, that when it will stop to give jobs. 1st timeline can’t let you be unemployed, it is against is rule. Read the rest of this entry

Karma Power


Karma PowerLong time no see. My 8th post after long break, why long break? because I was become little lazy in blogging plus I was finding the interesting post to share with you guys and good news I found that post. This post name is Karma Power; sound likes an Asian culture or Chinese ying yang. Well you can probably say ying yang thing. But still not a ying yang thing because if I am right ying yang represent good and bad part right? If I am wrong then you can’t do any thing to me. Read the rest of this entry

Thinking Problem



Problems, problems and problems. Everyone have their own big problem weather they are small. They always think they have the biggest problem from others, well that’s an attitude which I have also; I always think that I got the most problem then others. I am only a teenager and running a social youth team of sixty people, plus working in more then 7 to 8 teams for youth progress, doing mental studies mean engineering, working on another World Record Project which is not completed yet and due to this project my cell has been taken by thief brother (thief Brother mean Cell snatcher). By the way, there is another problem which is bigger then my other problem and issues, but I can’t mention it here. Read the rest of this entry

28 Year Old Teenager


28 year teenagerThere is a famous quote by some famous person that we have degree to judge everyone but don’t a certificate to judge our self. By the way that famous person is me.

It’s an interesting fact or truth that we don’t like to be judge by other weather their judging is right or wrong. Weather the judging people are our parents, girlfriend/boyfriend or best friend or even mega best friend. We just like to be close book with hidden truths and mysterious. We don’t like to be judge wrong. Read the rest of this entry

Heart in Glasses


Heart in GlassesMy 4th post, mean I am sharing my own inspiration with me; well at least it’s a good part. My 4th part is base on heart in glasses, you will thinking what does heart in glasses mean? Glasses represent your vision and your heart represents your serious attitude toward your vision. You all have the clear vision about your future that you want to become C.E.O of software house, manager in bank, famous doctor of country. This all the thing are your ending point and you all also have the starting point like admission in university but we have little problem that we just show serious attitude toward the starting point and forget about the middle point. Read the rest of this entry

Sharing Inspiration


Sharing InspirationsWhen we were little devils, our elder taught us about sharing is caring but we never understand this lesson and never take seriously, but when we grow up and able to sit in examination hall then we understand the important of sharing is caring (helping in cheating).This sharing technique is kind of manual technique, its up to you that you want to share it or not.

But my post on sharing is little bit different, this technique is automatic type. How it’s automatic? I’ll tell you Read the rest of this entry