My Tareef-Duction (Introduction)


introHii, this is Jawwad iqbal gaba here and writing his life’s  first blog. I am new on wordpress and I don’t know how to write a blog or do blogging type thing.So how do I get the idea of writing blog. Well I was just watching TV, then there a current pass through mind and then a word “EurikaAAA” come out of mouth with little bit devil smile. Eurika word usually come out when there is a world changing moment is going to take place , I think of writing a blog about my life. Because I think my life is different from other and I am  kind of unique one and only human being in the world but please please don’t think I am selfish type guy. Why do I think I am unique because I observes my life too closely and in this way I find many life teaching incident,stories and lessons. Which change my life day by day. but it doesn’t mean I am perfect  or legend teenager with super powers. Wellll don’t know about the perfect or super power but it for sure I will become legend for this world some day and this is my believe. But this future legend have some little tiny problem and that is my weak grammer or ENNggLiish….now In the end I want to tell you something important about me, that I am student of university. Age 28 but still a teenager. Thank you soo much for reading my first blog soo curiously and seriously.


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