Just 5 minutes


5 minutes My second post Yahoo!!!… second step to blogging.   Okey well as we know everyone have clock in thier house. And we also know clock have time and time have 24 hour and we use that 24 hour everywhere and for everyone. We do everything which have reason and we have to do we like it or not.for example we take education for future better job and we don’t like home work, we eat to keep ourself alive but we don’t like “began ka berhta” (it’s a dish name, don’t google it ) in dinner, we have to sleep early in night to wake up early in morning BUT we don’t like to sleep soo early and want to party all night, But the point is that every thing have a reason and we have to do it we like it or not. In this way our whole 24 hour are utilize or used but that’s not a life,its life of machine (In my point of view). And we are not machine so try to do something different like do a thing which you like or you have seen someone do that and you wanna try but never get a time.For example acting romantic  like Shahrukh Khan, copy the free kick post of C.R 07 ( Christiano Ronaldo), try to baby freeze of a B-Boy dancer etc etc .   When I was little 8 or 9 years old, I have saw someone spinning a Frying Pan on his finger, it was soo unique or cool that I think of to learn that trick. I didn’t care about the reason what I will get in future, I just wanna learn that anyhow or somehow. So I started to practice that spinning trick on books, I just give my 5 min of my day to this trick. And in six to seven months I learn this trick. Then I started to do more practice and change my mode to Frying Pan from book. This trick was freeze in my hand and I become extreme professional in it. And as we know life keep moving, this unreasonable talent hided in my hand. But when I enter the college life , I think of finding my talent back and started to do practice again to get back on the track and try to do something unique with it and you know what I did??   I make a World Record from it. Yup guys I am official GWR Holder of “Longest time to spin a frying pan on one finger”. Googles know me. Go search it… my everyday 5 mins give me lifes one of the greatest achievement. Soo guyx go and find something you want to do without reason, but but  don’t be soo much crazy about it that you forget everything.

Lesson:-just Do something just for yourself every  day for 5 minutes, you never know where your life gonna take life changing u-turn.

P.S sorry for bad “ENNGLIIISSSG”


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