Sharing Inspiration


Sharing InspirationsWhen we were little devils, our elder taught us about sharing is caring but we never understand this lesson and never take seriously, but when we grow up and able to sit in examination hall then we understand the important of sharing is caring (helping in cheating).This sharing technique is kind of manual technique, its up to you that you want to share it or not.

But my post on sharing is little bit different, this technique is automatic type. How it’s automatic? I’ll tell you

When I was 11 year old, I think of my self that I am the biggest sinner in the world and have done so much sin in this little age that I am definitely going to hell, so I try to find good deeds but big deeds. Like saving a someone life , save the country from nuclear attack, finding diagnosis of cancer at last stage  etc. so from this big deeds my sin will be overcome and I get permission to enter in heaven, but this big deeds are difficult to find and impossible to do. But still this little kid has little brain but have lot of hope.

Once I remember my school teacher told me that don’t try to find big deeds try to find little deeds and try to do it and it will become big deeds automatically , well honestly I didn’t understand the half part of my teacher that how can my little deeds become big deeds AUTOMATICALLY. But I was following the first half part very well, just do little deeds.

One day I was playing cricket in the street, I was doing fielding. On my fielding place I saw banana peel on the ground, I just got random though that I should pick it up and throw it to the side of footpath so no one get fall down or get hurt. After doing this I get back to my field.

Then suddenly my friend come to me and say to me that “Jawwad you don’t know how much great work you have done dude”. And I was looking him in a astonish way that what’s the big deal in picking up the banana peel from ground. But I  didn’t think about this much and give him a smile with shy and little bit surprise, feel little proud also.

On the other day, I see my friend repeating “banana peel” thing. And on that day I learn something that your little deeds can inspire thousands and in this way your inspiration shares like a facebook.

Lesson:- try to do a little deeds , you don’t who will be inspire.


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