Heart in Glasses


Heart in GlassesMy 4th post, mean I am sharing my own inspiration with me; well at least it’s a good part. My 4th part is base on heart in glasses, you will thinking what does heart in glasses mean? Glasses represent your vision and your heart represents your serious attitude toward your vision. You all have the clear vision about your future that you want to become C.E.O of software house, manager in bank, famous doctor of country. This all the thing are your ending point and you all also have the starting point like admission in university but we have little problem that we just show serious attitude toward the starting point and forget about the middle point.

Yup the middle point, you all thinking getting admission in university and getting degree will make you directly C.E.O of software house, manager in bank or famous doctor then sorry this will not going to be happen, because for that your middle part should be strong. You have do something more, something different from others.

There is a guy in my university in senior semester name saifee. Saifee vision is to take job in famous company, well obviously that’s everyone dream to have a job in famous company, married to pretty girl etc. but only few are lucky who have these thing and saifee will be one of this lucky people.

You will be thinking why saifee will be lucky? Why not me? because saifee is working on his middle point and making his middle point strong by doing small courses outside the university, learning to speak English, taking presentation workshop, doing internship in holiday and all that things which give him skills and experience. This will help saifee to find job in company in third year and when he got his bachelor degree then I m sure he will not have that excuse that he didn’t get job in company due to no experience of work

That’s called serious attitude toward goal aim or vision, your start is good, your middle is better and your end it definitely will be best.

You know what? I am in first semester and started to take English language classes plus I am good in giving presentations. So I am making my middle point strong.

Lesson: – your right beginning will give you right result but your strong mid point will give you the best result.


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