Exchange Offer



There are two kind of people in this world God Fearing and God Loving, God fearing people pray because they have fear of God and God Loving prays because they love God. But God love both of them, God gives them problem so people can remember God more and more.

Praying to God is a good thing but offering a God exchange offer to solve your problems is not a good thing. Like if   you scare that you will be fail in exams you pray to God that if God clear his exams then you will never see a girl from your X-ray vision eyes (you know what I mean). If God do this then you will do this. But after problem solve, we forget our exchange offer things. Well some of us are different, they pray to God for strength and help and that’s the good thing.

But in this post ill tell you something different, which I try and trying it doing always. One day I was offering Namaz and after namaz we do praying. In praying I always wish for anything from God that God give me this, give me that, do this and do that etc. but that day I didn’t wish for anything from God. I only Thanks God for everything I have Parents, Home, food, pocket money, internet. I thank God for everything I have.

Lesson: – So sometime stop wishing and start thanking.


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