28 Year Old Teenager


28 year teenagerThere is a famous quote by some famous person that we have degree to judge everyone but don’t a certificate to judge our self. By the way that famous person is me.

It’s an interesting fact or truth that we don’t like to be judge by other weather their judging is right or wrong. Weather the judging people are our parents, girlfriend/boyfriend or best friend or even mega best friend. We just like to be close book with hidden truths and mysterious. We don’t like to be judge wrong.

But I will tell you how can you avoid this judging phobia, two months ago I attended a training workshop, in workshop different type of trainer or public speaker gives presentation on different topics related to motivate the youth.

One of the speaker tells about his mentor, that his mentor age is APPROXIMATELY between 46 and 50. He said We don’t know the exact age, because his mentor never tell his exact age, whenever we asked his age he said proudly that he is 28 years old. We know he is lying and when we asked why he always says 28 years old, do you know what reply he gives.

He said that if I tell my exact age people will judge me correctly, so I love to be young. Speaker say this why he didn’t tell his age always and he also challenge the crowd that if someone guess his age correctly, he will give them chocolate bar. Unfortunately 200 people crowd didn’t judge the one person age correctly.

This why I also say in my first post, I am 28 year old teenager. Even I remove my birth year from facebook also.

Lesson: – you don’t like to be judge, so don’t judge other also, they don’t like it.


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