Thinking Problem



Problems, problems and problems. Everyone have their own big problem weather they are small. They always think they have the biggest problem from others, well that’s an attitude which I have also; I always think that I got the most problem then others. I am only a teenager and running a social youth team of sixty people, plus working in more then 7 to 8 teams for youth progress, doing mental studies mean engineering, working on another World Record Project which is not completed yet and due to this project my cell has been taken by thief brother (thief Brother mean Cell snatcher). By the way, there is another problem which is bigger then my other problem and issues, but I can’t mention it here.

When I was having this problem, I started to thinking in my mind that I have the only this problem in the world and every teenager is enjoying is teenage age and I am here solving or fighting my problems or issues.

This thinking is not right and God also didn’t like my thinking, this why God think to teach me a lesson about problem. I am university student doing Software Engineering, In my class there is girl shaistey, in starting of semester shaistey was quiet and shy girl, never talk much, she was just like a close book, want to reveal nothing about herself and always avoid other talking . I try to talk to her sometime but as usual she avoid me like others, and due to this I make a thinking about her that she coward who don’t like to face anyone, she is a mad girl but as usual my thinking was AGAIN wrong.

One day there was my important presentation in university, but due to no cell, no one inform me that university is switch off on that day and all the class are cancel. But I still reach university. In university, guard telling me that go home today institute is off etc. but I am refusing the guard that Today University is not off today is our whole class important presentation. Guard also tells me there is also girl sitting in cafeteria and I told guard “See! We have a presentation that why she also come”. When I enter cafeteria, I see shaistey sitting in cafeteria and when I see her I make my mind that I am definitely going to be bore today.

But as we know hope for best and again as usual I was again wrong. I started to talk here and this time she didn’t avoid me and reply me like a normal human being. And this way our long talking started and on that I get to know about her how she came in this university, from where she belong etc.

Then we get to the interesting part, the reason behind of avoiding, being quiet and shying from other. By the I was wrong about the shying thing. She is not a shy girl. She can break your teeth if she wants to. She is a fighter girl and also strange girl because she told me that she have fight more then hundred people to take a stand a for her education because her caste people don’t allow the girls to take education, there are also other problems which I cant mention here, but I want to tell you all, she inspire me that our problem are our thinking. If we think our problem are small then our problem are absolutely small. Plus we should respect other problems; we don’t know what other facing. After that day, I started   to think my problems are nothing that just needs to be solved.

P.S:- why she is also strange, she also reach university because she doesn’t keep cell phone.

Lesson: – Respect others problem Big, think your problem small.


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