Karma Power


Karma PowerLong time no see. My 8th post after long break, why long break? because I was become little lazy in blogging plus I was finding the interesting post to share with you guys and good news I found that post. This post name is Karma Power; sound likes an Asian culture or Chinese ying yang. Well you can probably say ying yang thing. But still not a ying yang thing because if I am right ying yang represent good and bad part right? If I am wrong then you can’t do any thing to me.

Well get back to our post. You all heard this common motivation line.


Well sorry for “18+ plus” language well basically its 50 % motivational thing. HOW? Because it will stop you from taking revenge but 50% de-motivational because it will prove you are a lazy even for your own desire or revenge. Karma basically your bank account in which if you do good with other it will be fill good money currency but if you do bad with people it will fill bad money currency.  But main problem with this bank account is this that it will pay backs you. If it repay you with good currency then you are in profit but if it pay backs you in bad money currency then you are probably in loss

But unusual thing happen mean you do good with other  but you national Karma bank pay you in loss (bad money currency), ok let have a example. Suppose you done your university assignment and after that you help your friend in their assignment. In short you done their assignment and they sit back and watch. And on the other day you got zero in your assignment and your friend got A+ grade in assignment.

This all because of bad money currency because you have done something bad to someone else and your bank account paying you right now. This is how Karma plays the game and this how your life get interested and full of cool problem

Lesson: – you cant pleased everybody, you can try your best, and this way you can enjoy the fun of Karma.



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