Be a Bumble-bee


Be a Bumble Bee

Today my post is on a bumble bee, a beautiful insect, which cannot be hated by anyone but nobody wants to be bitten by it also, basically its kind of bee insect from bee family and due you know interesting fact about bumble bee.
Scientist found that bumble bee should not fly because its body mass is more then its flying power, but still it fly fast and accurately. And this make scientist more curious to know about bumble-bee that how it can fly? And after long research they found there desire and interesting fact about bumble bee but before revealing the secret. I love to tell you about the story of a man

There was village no-where; basically “no-where” is the name of village, in no where there was a man who was working on something. He was working day and night. People started to see him and started to criticizing and judge him that he is mental what he is doing? I think he is wasting time etc. Everybody started to become sarcastic about the man, but do you know he was still working without concentrating anyone else, Basically man was making some kind of building which anyone don’t have the clue, when the building work was done 50% people started to become curious about his work but still we know, criticize, judging and being sarcastic. Basically one question was more important than all that “how can I single person is making a building”, People wants to know this answer. In the village there was a pious old man, who always sees the working man and gives smile to people of village and quietly without taking to anyone go away.

Finally one day working comes to end, do you know what he was making, basically he was making a worship place in village but that’s not the interesting part. Interesting was that how can I single person can make the building or worship by his own. This question was running on everyone mouths at the day of completing. Then pious old reach there and again give smile and but this time he give the answer to the villagers and do you know what he says?

He Says: – the man who makes the building is a DEAF person.

And ladies and gentle human beings, scientist found that bumble bee cannot hear also.CHEERS

Lesson:- sometime you have to become a bumble-bee because only you know who’s doing right and wrong


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