Take a Break


take_a_breakThere is a concept of life which is recently made up by me and I don’t know it is correct or not but still I am going to share it. In our life there are two timelines, well facebook have one but life have two, and both timeline have a job, one timeline have to give a job two another timeline and other timeline job is to get the job done somehow or anyhow. And the rule for this concept is this that we can’t control the 1st timeline, that when it will stop to give jobs. 1st timeline can’t let you be unemployed, it is against is rule.

Now come to 2nd timeline, it’s our timeline. This T.L make us being responsible and it made us that we have taken our responsibility in short we have done all the job accurately give 1st T.L. now the other rule of this concept is that we have to keep with 1st T.L mean job comes and job done. You can’t keep the job or responsibilities on pending. And if you do it will become burden in future.

Now you all are thinking where did take a break post is applying till now, well don’t worry it will now. Well sometime doing so many jobs we forget ourselves or sometime we become soo tense or get in to depression that we just want to get this job somehow.

Well main problem doesn’t occur when job is done but it occur when it do not completing mean you are giving soo much time and work and still you cant get it done then here its our  Take a break post apply. Sometime you just have to stop thinking about job and just take a break.

Well I’ll tell you a story, well one year ago I started a project with friends, the project is based on world record, and this project is seriously a kick ass project. But the main problem with this project is that this project kicking our own *** so much badly. But still what can we do we have taken the responsibility and we have done the job somehow or anyhow. We seriously are so much serious about the project that our life is started become isolated. We can’t think about anything else we just want that somehow this get done with success. We are so much thinking about this project that we stopped to think about our self but now I have stop and take a deep breath and of course. So I made myself till 1 week no project working or project working just enjoying my life. And taking another job from 1st T.L I am going to hanging a sign of “Enjoying life” on 2nd T.L door.

So guys stop and take a break just little time start thinking about yourself because you do not chooses it, it chooses you so you have own right take a break

Lesson:- just take a break from everything


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