Inner Potential


In physics, you have learned about two energies, one is kinetic energy and one is potential energy. Potential energy mean store and kinetic energy means I don’t know what it is exactly because I am failure in physic this why I choose computer field. But today I am going to tell you about third kind of energy that is Inner Potential energy.Inner potential

I think you have got the meaning of inner potential energy. Energy stored in your stomach and come out in methane form is not an Inner Potential Energy. Basically I.P.E is a hidden energy, and only you can find it. Sometime people find I.P.E and still they don’t know about it .

My mentor, seriously one of the awesome person which I ever met, He told me the story of his life event related to Inner potential energy. In his childhood my mentor named Physal Sohail was one of the great bowlers of his time. He play cricket till his craziness, he told us that he also break the wickets in his child cricket career (not as professional). He even breaks the bat. But after playing approx 5 to 6 year cricket he leave it and get serious in his professional career

Sir Physal told us the story that how he learn to break the wickets. He said one day he had a bad day because he was fail in his physic test like me. And was in very bad mood on that day. He use to go to cricket academy and on that day he went to cricket academy. He was practicing catching, but he was not practicing in proper concentration which he use to do. His coach was observing his attitude in practice. His coach called him and gives him instruction to practice the bowling. At first Physal deny the coach  due to bad mood then he has to agree because he doesn’t have any options. Coach put the wickets on crease and gives him sign to bowl. Physal with full laziness deliver the first bowl and guess what first bowl was missed then he take little long run with extra anger and full laziness deliver a 2nd bowl and again he missed. Then coach come to him motivate him and tells him to focus on wickets and give your best shot. Now this time Physal get serious. Take a run for 3rd bowl and missed the 3rd, 4th and 5th bowl missed. Now Physal seriously got mad and full of anger. He continuously missed the 5 balls without batsman. Now Physal take a run with full speed, focus, anger and power of mad and deliver his 6th ball. After 6th delivering, whole world for Physal just got freeze and stop for a second like a scene in matrix. What he sees, he has broken the middle stumps. He was got in the shock that he has broken the stumps.

And after that day, Physal bowling got break-up relationship with Cricket stump. He started to break the wickets in most of his matches. He even breaks the bat. Year passes, playing his great timeline of cricket, he leave the cricket world.

One day, after 5 years of leaving cricket Physal meet his coach in some cricket camp. At first coach doesn’t recognize him. Physal tell him about himself and remind the coach about his life most awesome moment when Physal break his first stump after the great motivation given by his coach and he thanks to coach how he help him to break that stump. And do you know what his coach say to him “OH THAT’S STUMP. I ALREADY PUT THE BROKEN WICKETS ON CREASES” and again matrix scene happen for Physal.

Physal first broken wicket was already broken but after that his every wicket was real. Physal have made barrier in his mind that he can’t break the wicket and he make him knew it but he never know his potential which can break his barrier. His coaches just give him fake barrier and after breaking the fake barrier he learn to break the real barriers in his mind. You only knew about your barrier but don’t know about your potential energy, which is hidden in you. You just need to find it, learn to use it and apply it.

Well I have mine story too related to I.P.E but its little be complicate to understand even I become confuse when I type, so I choose my mentor story instead of mine.Just to make you know about hidden potential in you.

P.S: this is story is from my mentor Physal Sohail, who is a motivational trainer and have train the corporate to youth on International and national level.

Lesson:- Everyone have some kind of energy in them. but only need to find it and use it.


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